2013: Numeric Year in Review

What were significant events or accomplishments in 2013? Let’s review by the numbers.

By JMyrleFuller (talk) (Uploads) (JMyrleFuller (talk) (Uploads)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
  • 117 Yoga lessons at Earth Tribe Yoga
  • 17 key positions replaced by moving from QWERTY to Colemak (and registered qwfpgj.com)
  • 8 new countries visited in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore…
  • Having started a vow to take 15 weeks of Holiday per year.
  • 3 o’clock and Interstellar, my first trip to Burning Man Festival, with Café Negrø
  • 51 conversations with new and old friends that I can distinctly remember when challenging myself to write them down.
  • >$1000 donated to Sudo Room, Berkeley Free Clinic, What.cd, Walk Oakland Bike Oakland, East Bay Bicycle Coalition, SF Bay Area: What Could Have Been (history text), PyDev LiClipse, Sufficiently Remarkable (comic), 3 Sovereigns (Graphic Novel)
  • 900 cigarettes not smoked (at 3 per day, having quit after March 6th)
  • 87 Github commits to libre software. Favourite technologies learned this year  IPython, Pandas, SQL, DrRacket.
  • 537 tasks completed with Remember the Milk.
  • -2G change in number of mobile phone generations giving up my smartphone for a less distracting option.
  • 0 distance travelled having learned to track stand on my fixie.

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