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Just enough Sketchup to pretend you can 3D print

As part of the Sudo Room’s Today I learned series one-off classes, workshops, and talks led by members of the Sudo Room community, I threw in my cap to teach Just enough Sketchup to pretend you can 3D print. This is how I capitulated it in advertising:


  • WHEN 2pm on Saturday the 16th of March 2013.
  • DURATION 2 hours
  • LOCATION sudo room
  • PRICE $0
  • NUTSHELL Live Sketchup and print tutorial


Owing to a combination of recent hype on the subject, relative ignorance of the process, and unbeatable price-point, the workshop was well attended at 15 mouse-clickers. Happily, those computer users, were in large part not preexisting sudo room members, which is precisely the point of Today I learned – a hands-dirty introduction to the hackerspace.… Read the rest