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Book Review: Working with MediaWiki

Working with MediaWiki by Yaron Koren : WikiWorks Press: 227 pages. Paperback ($35), ePub ($25), and PDF ($20). .  ISBN: 978-0615720302.

Working With MediaWiki Cover
Working With MediaWiki Cover

Working with MediaWiki is the latest MediaWiki (MW) book to be released since March 2010, when MW1.15 was current (today in November 2012 Wikipedia uses 1.21). The text is split into two logical and spiritual halves. The first is a from-scratch guide to setting up and tuning MediaWiki in the style of the classical wiki we are used to seeing on the web today. That treatment covers best practices, as well as where two put the right type of brackets for the impatient coder.… Read the rest

Open Access Wikipedia Challenge on P2PU

It’s been traditional recently to hold Wikipedia Loves Libraries events during Open Access Week, and I fully support the practice. What’s also been traditional in a way that I wanted to change was the editathon format for those events. After scrunching my mind to brainstorm new experimental ways of holding these trainings and celebrations, I came up with Open Access Wikipedia Challenge  The challenge is to embed media that was harvested from Open Access journals in Wikipedia, and I created a special edition barnstar for completing it. This challenge is totally friendly to newbies and librarians as it includes over 1 hour total of six screencast tutorial videos that explain every detail right from the account creation, to transclusion, and each module has waypoint challenges.… Read the rest

Wikipedia Edits Statistics by Category: Updated Presidential Edition

We’ve heard that Wikipedia might be able to predict the Vice President, but what about the honcho himself?  Using a combination of Python, R, and Wikipedia version histroy, I’ve delved inside the hivemind and emerged with some graphs that might have the answer. So without further ado, let’s try and predict the upcoming U.S. election.


Wikipedia didn’t come to be until after the 2000 elections, so we can’t glean a lot of good data here. And although Bush has basically always outpaced Gore in editor interest, presidents seem to always get a lot more attention after they’re elected as you’ll see.… Read the rest

GLAM Camp: Wikipedians in Residence in London in The British Library

I am a Wikipedian in Residence which, unsurprisingly, I often have to explain to people what that actually means. Yet, the occupation is on the rise, and I wonder when the day will come when such an explanation is not necessary. I investigated the history of the number of people in this employ while musing at GLAM Camp London, and had this output.

A Timeline of Wikipedians in Residence
CC-BY-SA Maximilian Klein
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Island Hopping the Data Archipelago

iSchool at Berkeley was a department I revered during my time there lurking in the backs of lecture rooms for special events and timidly knocking on Professor doors, which is why I was so honoured when they invited me to guest-speak at the infamous Friday Seminar. On August 24th 2012, in front of 20 attendees I talked about my latest passion, creating bidirectional links between Wikipedia and other online databases by link reciprocation.  Vivian Petras gave a suitable opening talk about Europeana language problems form a half-technical perspective, which made a suitable segue into my talk, “Data Archipelago.”

Unknowing on how much to delve into details of still-in-review VIAFbot, I attempted to strike a middle ground by describing how VIAFbot would work, and subsequently what that could mean for the future of connecting what I call Data Islands.… Read the rest

Profiled by Wikimedia Sweden

Axel Pettersson is a well-bearded Swede who feels equally at home at the stern of his clipper and editing Wikipedia from within the arctic circle. He’s also a blogger extraordinaire, having given interviews for Wikimedia with Nobel prize winners, at the Nobel prize ceremony.

Most recently he’s collected profiles of what I’d like to imagine as a sort of Wikimedia dream team. I’d like to thank him for including me in that cohort.

From the article:

Som en del av det ansvarade dom för en intressant förkonferens om Wikipedia loves Libraries dagen innan Wikimania började.

Part of the responsible organization for an interesting pre-conference of the Wikipedia Loves Libraries days before Wikimania started.

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