3 Rap Perspectives on Turning 30

By max, Mon 10 September 2018, in category Blog

The librarian part of my mind has surfaced these musical gems for me to re-evaluate, now that I am mathematically deserving. On point 1 Momentum, I am entirely behind. On Distance (2) and Death (3) they are themes perhaps darker than I would like to delve today, but give lots to think about in the upcoming decade.

1. Momentum

Used to think 30 years old then the end comes
Now I feel like I'm just gainin' momentum

Blackalicious, World of Vibrations

2. Distance

Now I'm pushing past 30. If I bow out as the years close in. Abandon my sound man and band and them. I'll give no blushing curtsey. To the proud shouts of close kin. I ground it into ground and then some friends . Just drop a dusty curtain on the loud crowd when the show end. And end the whole thing where no men found me.

WHY?, Distance, Mumps. Etc

3. Death

And now a n* 30, so I don't think they heard me
That the last ten years, I been so fucking stressed
Tears in my eyes, let me get this off my chest
The thoughts of no success got a n
* chasing death
Doing all these drugs, hope for OD’ing next, Triple X

Danny Brown, 30