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Tue 07 January 2020
Programming Archimedes Spirals, Polar Pong and 77 million paintings for Lights with Pixelslinger
Tue 15 November 2016
So you want to upload an image to the cloud with Node.js
Mon 02 May 2016
3 Ways To Access Wikidata Data Until It Can Be Done Properly
Sun 06 December 2015
WIGI Update: Results from Usability Testing
Mon 16 November 2015
Data Management: The Plan
Fri 17 July 2015
Wikipedia Indicator of Gender Inequality: Analysing Who We Write About
Wed 11 February 2015
Joining many DataFrames at once in Pandas: "n-ary Join"
Mon 02 February 2015
Cyberwizard Institute: Retrospective
Thu 08 January 2015
Preliminary Results From WIGI, The Wikipedia Gender Inequality Index
Sat 19 July 2014
Häskell und Grepl: Data Hacking Wikimedia Projects Exampled With The Open Access Signalling Project
Sun 06 July 2014
Wiki-Class Set-up Guide and Exploration
Mon 16 June 2014
Prerequisite-free Set Theory - Just The Intuition
Mon 09 June 2014
Method of Reflections: Explained and Exampled in Python
Fri 06 June 2014
Profiles of Inspiring Wikimedians I Met at Wikiconference USA 2014
Wed 21 May 2014
Sex Ratios in Wikidata Part III
Tue 22 April 2014
The Listiness of Wikipedia
Wed 30 October 2013
Sudo Room Virtual Tour
Fri 06 September 2013
10 Questions about #VIAF, #Wikidata and the #World
Wed 14 August 2013
Wikidata Babel Multi-Language Display Easter Egg
Fri 05 July 2013
Wed 12 June 2013
The Most Unique Wikipedias According To Wikidata
Wed 24 April 2013
Just enought Sketchup II
Thu 21 March 2013
Just enough Sketchup to pretend you can 3D print
Sat 09 February 2013
Haklab Belgrade Report
Mon 22 October 2012
Open Access Wikipedia Challenge on P2PU
Tue 02 October 2012
Wikipedia Edits Statistics by Category: hacking
Sat 15 September 2012
GLAM Camp: Wikipedians in Residence in London in The British Library
Sat 01 September 2012
Island Hopping the Data Archipelago
Wed 20 June 2012
What First Monday is missing.