Haklab Belgrade Report

By max, Sat 09 February 2013, in category Hacking

As a self-described 'post-Lonely Planet' traveller, I've been searching for new praxes of global adventure that make good excuses to run amok. For the months of January and February I toured Lisbon, Madrid, Modena, Bologna, Split, Belgrade, and Berlin, trying to understand their local hackerspaces. An example I was particulary fond of was Haklab Belgrade. Lessons to bring back to my budding Sudo Room hackerspace were abound there. I most thoroughly enjoyed  the recounting and education about the former Yugoslavia and pontifications about that history affects modern organizing.


Existing not in commercial space at all, but a donated first-floor apartment, Hacklab, if used for it's orginal intention, would be warming, showering, and dishwashing the everyday lives of at most 2 Serbian citizens. As it is, the living room and bedroom house the main hack area, which when I arrived was the combined chamber for 6 serbs attending the the weekly python workshop. In the middle of git-pushing their work and rearranging the furniture for that night's screening of the torrented "The Pirate Bay, Away From Keyboard," I managed to strike up a few interviews with the ragamuffins in exchange for some swigs of the 2.5L bottle of lager, and local wax-topped 'Rakija'.

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