Flavours of Ethanol: Not That Different

By max, Tue 19 April 2016, in category Blog

I spent a weekend with my friend riding 30 miles between Minneapolis breweries.  We learned some important lessons.

  1. The modern consumer elects to understand arbitrary differences in item-classes.
  2. The corporation co-opts leisure time of the individual to construct an aesthetic.
  3. Even if thebeers are not that different, they will say they are.
  4. This is similar to the divided political "spectrum", that is, not a spectrum at all.
  5. As a test case take the IPA, the least versatile "acquired" taste.
  6. Once the consumer has developed a false consciousness and accepts  the objectionable and anti-rational quality of IPA ethanol, that consumer has joined the in-group.
  7. They are alienated from the fruits of your tastebuds.
  8. Drinking at breweries is an activity built around spending money to learn distinctions between products. That is a commercialism of experience and product.
  9. The cooperatively owned brewery, addresses worker exploitation, and no more.
  10. Flavours of ethanol remain not that different.