List of Yoga Quotations

By max, Fri 29 May 2015, in category Blog

Here are a list of Yoga quotations that I've compiled from my 200-hour yoga teacher training, other classes I've attended, and various yoga books.

Jon Isaacs

Sean Feit

Jean Mazzei

Cora Wen

Stacey Swan

Karen Macklin

Adrianna Webster

Leslie Kaminoff - Yoga Anatomy

Rudolf von Laban

Joel Kramer - Yoga as Self-Transformation

Desikachar -  The Heart of Yoga


Oh headstand, "It's like Wu-Tang says, you gotta 'protect ya neck.'"

On stepping onto your mat, "Let's go for a magic carpet ride."

Travis Judd


I can't recall the provenance of these quotes sadly. Let me know if you can.