The Need For Hacker Conference Yoga

By max, Fri 09 May 2014, in category Blog

The Need For Hacker Conference Yoga

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I've take an maintained a daily yoga practice, almost exceptionlessly for the last six months, and without reiterating the standard roster of reasons why, I will just concur that it makes me feel good.

In daily, routine life its easier to keep this practice up, but at events like Conferences and Hackathons finding the time and space becomes more difficult. That's when I thought I could solve the problem of haivng squeezing in this not-on-the-schedule activity, by putting it on my schedule. And of course I could still ignore my own self directions, so inviting others to join me in doing Yoga holds me accountable and makes what could be a chore a bit more fun.

We couldn't conduct a full yoga class, because of people aren't going to a Hackathon to do yoga. So putting on a design hat, what are the constraints we're dealing with?


I identified 5 main constaints on the typical western yoga lesson.

The Plan

What is actually planned is a 16 part lesson, outlined and joyfully explained below.