Hiring a UX researcher and frontend engineer for humaniki

By max, Fri 24 July 2020, in category Blog

UPDATE: September 1 2020. Both positions have been filled, thank you for your interest.

Introducing humaniki and its team needs

Today I'm hiring a UX Researcher and Frontend Engineer for humaniki a new project to create data tools describing the diversity of humans represented in Wikimedia projects, and assisting editors to close gaps. I started this journey five years with the Wikidata Human Gender Indicators, and now I'm excited to make the next iteration, which hopefully will be more useful and actionable for users. The purpose of hiring these roles is to two-fold. One is to have team members focus specific attention on using participatory design involving the Wikimedia community. The second is to create a diverse team - given my own positionality - so that the process of development - and distribution of grant funds - can reflect the purpose of the tool. Let's make the data diversity dashboards and APIs that Wikimedians deserve. This project is a Wikimedia Foundation-funded grant, learn more at: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Project/Maximilianklein/humaniki.

Below are the excerpted descriptions of the roles, with PDFs attached. Please contact me before 15 August 2020, to chat about either of the positions.

Coummunity UX Researcher Role

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The role of community UX Researcher is to facilitate the co-design process of creating humaniki. You will identify community groups with whom to partner, elicit their product needs, and synthesize it into a design specification. Liaising between the community and the humaniki engineering team, in multiple rounds of development, you troubleshoot and make decisions to ensure the tool is effective. Finally, you'll communicate the project's development through blog posts, online trainings and other media.

Job Description PDF

Frontend Software Engineer Role

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The role of the software engineer is to build the humaniki web-app in collaboration with the backend engineer and UX researcher. After receiving the design specification from our community UX researcher, you will give input into the stack and architecture. You develop web and data-visualization features to make them ready for user testing, as part of an iterative development cycle. Supporting a launch of the tool, you monitor and fix bugs to make sure the application is robust for users.

Job Description PDF