The Virtuous Circle of Wikipeda: The Poster

By max, Fri 06 June 2014, in category Research-notes

It may seem like a small piece of work, but I wanted to commemorate this moment - my first poster. I never had the need to manufacture one. Today I presented it at NetSci (Network Science) 2014, and received many useful comments on the research. We found a few other that are, like ourselves, translating  the 'method of reflections' into new domains. The paper related to this poster is in review, but you can also access a preprint files on github.

On the art side I'd like to thank unluckylion, for encouraging me to make a bold statement. I think it paid off, and I'm only mildly guilty about the blatant copyvio of the Wikipedia logo. Although I'll use that point to show the necessity for the new attribution logos.

Skeumorph anyone? Skeumorph anyone?