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Wed 20 November 2019
Hostbot-AI: Finding Promising New Users in Wikipedia with Machine Learning
Wed 06 September 2017
House Rules
Sat 05 August 2017
Synthetic Training Data For Rare Object Detection in Computer Vision
Sun 25 September 2016
Machine Learning in 3rd Grade
Sat 25 June 2016
Suggestions of Fake Profiles in Couchsurfing
Mon 22 February 2016
Design for Doulas
Mon 04 January 2016
Against the Grain: Influencing Factors of Opinion Change in Wikipedia’s Article for Deletion Process
Fri 09 October 2015
Am I Doing My PhD In The Open?
Wed 19 August 2015
OpenSym 2015 - Wikipedia in the World of Global Gender Inequality Indices
Tue 05 May 2015
WIGI, an Inspire Grantee
Mon 23 February 2015
Asking Ever Bigger Questions With Wikidata
Mon 16 February 2015
Which Index Is WIGI Most Closely Related To?
Mon 15 December 2014
Wikidata and the Measure of Nationality: The Germanic Shift
Wed 19 November 2014
Personal Statement: In Full
Thu 06 November 2014's Curatorial Lesson: Constraining Users Less Makes Them More Collaborative
Fri 06 June 2014
The Virtuous Circle of Wikipeda: The Poster
Thu 10 April 2014
The Topmost Cited DOIs on Wikipedia
Fri 10 January 2014
Kumusha Takes Wiki: Actionable Metrics for Uganda and Côte d'Ivoire
Tue 15 October 2013
code4lib - VIAFbot and the Integration of Library Data on Wikipedia
Wed 22 May 2013
A word FOR every Lanaguage IN every Language