Which Index Is WIGI Most Closely Related To?

By max, Mon 16 February 2015, in category Research-notes

In my lastest paper "Gender Gap Through Time and Space: A Journey Through Wikipedia Biographies and the 'WIGI' Index" (blog post and on arxiv.org), my co-author Piotr Konieczny and I proposed a gender index. WIGI, the Wikipedia Gender Inequality Index, is composed of many indicators, but one in particular, the "nation-WIGI", was designed to be comparable with other well-known indices. The nation-WIGI ranks each nation by the ratio of female biography articles who are  citizens of that nation.  Designed in this way it is possible to correlate WIGI to other indexes. And potentially, we thought, given enough indexes and with high enough correlations, we could get a sense for what WIGI is measuring in terms of other indices.

Due to word-count limits, we were unable to submit this research question with the rest of the paper, so it is included here. Formally we formulated is thus:

RQ4: Of the other Gender Indices which divide also by nation which index is Wikipedia most closely related to?

First let's recap the four other nation divided indices we are inspecting (see section 3 of our paper for more detail).