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Wed 28 April 2021
The Programmer's Career Choices Form A Pareto Curve, And That Is Privilege.
Tue 13 August 2019
As a “progressive” or “educated” person, you are more likely to enact the pernicious subtype of aversive raciscm.
Sat 06 July 2019
Manifest Dismantling: An Intention to Practice
Sun 10 March 2019
The 30 year old Man's Injury or My Introduction to Ableism
Sun 26 February 2017
Interview with Tadoh
Tue 26 January 2016
Dried and True
Tue 28 July 2015
The Universal Empathy Machine: Nonviolent Communication Explained with Mathematics and Computer Science
Sun 04 January 2015
The best part of soup is that soup doesn't have parts.
Tue 23 December 2014
Omni Radio 1 - What is the Omni Commons?
Thu 06 November 2014
Should I Do My PhD In The Open?
Mon 29 October 2012
Book Review: Working with MediaWiki
Mon 19 December 2011
Editing Girl Talk
Thu 29 September 2011
Lessons from Songles